What’s cooking? #3
What’s cooking? #3


Amyris Cauchi and Otis McDermott with Cameron Phillips

Grace Gamage

Caleb Nichols-Mansell

Billie Rankin with Daysi Patel and Pearl Smithies

Date/ Time: 5.30pm 28 October 2021
Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

What are artists working on and what are the issues important to artists now?

The final event in the What’s cooking? series of presentations, this event will feature Amyris Cauchi and Otis McDermott with Cameron Phillips, Grace Gamage, Caleb Nichols-Mansell and Billie Rankin with Daysi Patel and Pearl Smithies who will talk about the projects and ideas they are working on. What’s cooking? has been created to provide a context for discussing topics important to artists now, foster connection and an occasion for artists to speculate on what they require to progress their practice.

Amyris Cauchi and Otis McDermott are Primal Regression Therapy. Walking the tightrope between art and music, they aim to induce catharsis through drone and dark ambient soundscapes. Primal Regression Therapy will be joined by guest performer Cameron Phillips. Grace Gamage is an interdisciplinary artist, farmer and boxing coach. Through her practice she attempts to adapt to new conditions within capitalism through critique and praxis, and by collaborating with humans and non-humans. Caleb Nichols-Mansell is a proud Tasmanian Aboriginal man with deep connections to country, community, culture, and spirit which inform his mixed media practice and process. He is the founder of Blackspace Creative Arts and Cultural Hub in pataway / Burnie where he is the Creative Director. Billie Rankin takes play seriously. They work as an artist, educator, and facilitator exploring affective geographies and place-specific relationships. Working extensively with young people, Billie employs collaboration and community to foster social practices of attentiveness and care. Billie will be joined by Daysi Patel and Pearl Smithies.

What’s cooking? is presented through MACHINE, CAT’s new education and development program. MACHINE: What’s cooking? has been formulated to find out what artists want from a development program. From this process of enquiry CAT will create an artist-led collective learning program that is responsive, inclusive and relevant. As a machine of many moving parts, the learnings from 2021 will inform the ongoing development program.

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MACHINE curatorium: Robert O’Connor, Bill Hart and Kylie Johnson.

Brand: Cath Robinson, 2021

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