MACHINE is CAT’s new education and development program

Artists are increasingly seeking meaningful critique and skill development opportunities beyond formal education institutions to progress their artistic work. MACHINE is CAT’s new education and development program initiated in response to the shifting expectations, knowledge and skill requirements of artists. Discursive and collegial in its approach, the program is brewed from consultation with artists and arts professionals. MACHINE commences in 2021 with Whats cooking?, a cluster of public programs designed to find out what artists are working on and what are the issues important to artists now. From this process of enquiry CAT will create an artist-led collective learning program that is responsive, inclusive and relevant. As a machine of many moving parts, the learnings from 2021 will inform the ongoing development program.

MACHINE: Whats cooking? #1  5.30pm 23 September 2021
MACHINE: Whats cooking? #2  5.30pm 7 October 2021
MACHINE: Whats cooking? #3  5.30pm 28 October 2021

MACHINE: Whats cooking? presenters were selected through a combined process of application and invitation. The 2022 MACHINE program is yet to be determined.

As the machine generates there will be opportunity for experimenting with alternative structures for participants to develop new modes of teaching and learning to support individual and collaborative development. MACHINE is predicated on generosity and hospitality, with an acknowledgement that sharing lived experience and fostering peer-to-peer relationships, that offer access to networks and knowledge, sustain artistic practice today.

MACHINE curatorium: Robert O’Connor (artist, CAT Program Committee), Bill Hart (artist, CAT Board) and Kylie Johnson (CAT curator).

Enquiries to: Kylie Johnson –

Branding: Cath Robinson, 2021

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