What’s cooking? #1
What’s cooking? #1


Amanda Davies
Loren Kronemyer
Joshua Santospirito
Mike Singe

5.30pm 23 September 2021

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

What are artists working on and what are the issues important to artists now?

What’s cooking? is a series of 3 public programs comprising presentations by 12 artists. The first event will be introduced by Bill Hart and feature Amanda Davies, Loren Kronemyer, Joshua Santospirito and Mike Singe who will each share the projects and ideas they are working on. What’s cooking? has been designed to provide a context for discussing topics important to artists now, foster connection and an occasion for artists to speculate on what they require to progress their practice.

What’s cooking? is presented through MACHINE, CAT’s new education and development program. MACHINE: What’s cooking? has been formulated to find out what artists want from a development program. From this process of enquiry CAT will create an artist-led collective learning program that is responsive, inclusive and relevant. As a machine of many moving parts, the learnings from 2021 will inform the ongoing development program.

Amanda Davies is stupid about painting. She is known for her figurative paintings that deal with unease, the body and illness. She weaves imagined and real histories into her self-reflexive practice. Loren Kronemyer’s works span objects, interactive and live performance, experimental media art, and large-scale world-building projects aimed at exploring ecological futures and survival skills. As part of duo Pony Express, she recently presented Abolish the Olympics at CAT, a live performance and exhibition about the movement to cancel the Olympic Games forever. Joshua Santospirito’s art practice includes painting, comics, performance, music, sound and writing and is primarily focused on identity and modern Australia. He is currently co-director of the Comic Art Workshop, a grassroots biennial artists-in-residence program for graphic storytellers. Despite Mike Singe’s interest in the subject of climate change he doesn’t draw inspiration from the field of legitimate climate science. Rather, his practice is informed by the evolving culture and language that has developed in response to this looming environmental disaster. Mike’s most recent works span drawing and sculpture.

MACHINE: What’s cooking #2  5.30pm 7 October 2021

MACHINE: What’s cooking #3  5.30pm 28 October 2021

MACHINE curatorium: Robert O’Connor, Bill Hart and Kylie Johnson. Branding: Cath Robinson, 2021

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