The Board of Contemporary Art Tasmania is comprised of eight Directors elected by the Contemporary Art Tasmania membership and has provision for up to three Appointed Directors, co-opted for their expertise. The Board oversees the management and finances of the company and meets bi-monthly. Contemporary Art Tasmania also offers a Board mentorship each year. The Board is assisted by Sub-Committees for Programs, Communications and Engagement, and Touring.

The organisation is run by a small team, comprising a Director and part-time staff. All employees are active participants in the local arts community, many of them as artists.

Neil Haddon, courtyard design in progress, 2013.
Isabel Lewis, Occasions, 2017. Photo: Lou Conboy.

Board Members

Belinda Cotton
Independent Cultural Consultant
RANT Arts Grants Administration Officer

Bill Hart
Deputy Chair

Rebecca Fitzgibbon
Media Manager, DarkLab
Mona Special Projects

Scott Baddiley

Managing Partner, Findex

Scott Ashby
Lawyer, Phillips Taglieri

Pat Brassington

Michael Bugelli
Gallerist, Curator, Detached Cultural Foundation

Dr Ellie Ray

Jane Stewart
Principal Curator Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Therese Taylor
Director, Public Trustee Tasmania
Convenor, Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network

2017 Members Exhibition and Party. Photo: Lou Conboy


Michael Edwards

Exhibitions and Touring
Colin Langridge

Kylie Johnson

Communications and Digital Programs
Pip Stafford

Lisa Campbell-Smith 

Gallery Technicians:
Robert O’Connor
Edith Perrenot
Jon Smeathers

Gallery Attendants:
Amyris Cauchi
Julia Drouhin
Edith Perrenot
Nadia Refaei
Matt Warren

Tony Albert, Confessions, 2019. Photo: Remi Chauvin

Program Committee

Pat Brassington 
Contemporary Art Tasmania board representative, Artist

Michael Edwards 
Director, Contemporary Art Tasmania

Sofie Burgoyne
2021 Curatorial Mentorship recipient (non-voting position)

Stevie S. Han
Independant Curator

Kylie Johnson
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Program Committee Coordinator

Robert O’Connor

Touring Committee

Joe Bugden
CEO, Salamanca Arts Centre

Malcom Bywaters
Director, Academy Gallery

Claire Beale
CEO, Design Tasmania

Tracey Cockburn
Arts and Cultural Development Co-ordinator, Clarence City Council

Michael Edwards
Director, Contemporary Art Tasmania

Peter Hughes
Senior Curator Decorative Arts, TMAG

Jane Barlow
Plimsoll Gallery Exhibitions Manager, UTAS School of Creative Arts

Geoff Dobson
Director, Devonport Regional Gallery

Ashleigh Whatling
Visual Arts and Design Curator, QVMAG

Communications & Engagement Committee

Michael Edwards
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Director

Lisa Campbell-Smith
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Engagement

Belinda Cotton
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Board representative

Rebecca Fitzgibbon
Writer, Cultural worker, Events Media Manager, Dark Lab

Pip Stafford
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Communications

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