In 2021 CAT relaunched the Studio Residencies with a new model, integrating studio practice with other CAT programs.

CAT now offers:

  • A dedicated studio space to support a Tasmanian-based artist realise a new exhibition in CAT’s exhibition program. Determined by the CAT Program Committee, this space will be available for two years to enable in-depth development
  • A one-year space to the successful Curatorial Mentorship applicant
  • Two spaces available by application on an annual basis 

CAT Studio Residents also receive access to the CAT project space for presentation of new work or work in progress; profile and development opportunities through CAT’s public and digital programs; engaged feedback with visiting professionals.

Applications for 2023 studios are due on August 15 2022. Application information will be available in mid 2022.

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Jake Walker, studio resident, 2021. Photo: Rèmi Chauvin.
Dexter Rosengrave, studio resident, 2021. Photo: Rèmi Chauvin.

2022 Studio Residents: Isabella Foster, Cassie Sullivan

2 Year Studio Residency: Willoh S Weiland

2022 Curatorial Mentorship Resident: Alexandra Hullah

Past Residents:

2020 – 2021  Maria Blackwell, Andy Hutson, Dexter Rosengrave and Jake Walker
2019  Abigail Giblin, Gabbee Stolp, Julia Drouhin and Nanna Bayer
2018  Judith Abell, Priscilla Beck, Lychandra Gieseman and Hilary Green
2017  Joel Crosswell, Vivienne Cutbush, Alex Davern and Claire Pendrigh
2016  Rahni Allan, Selena de Carvalho, Ben Taylor, Tricky Walsh
2015  Joey Gracia, Leigh Hobba, Eloise Kirk, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson
2014  Karin Chan, Darren Cook, Nadège Philippe-Janon, Dylan Sheridan
2013  Jo Chew, Anthony Johnson, Cath Robinson, Peter Waller
2012  Anna Cocks, Lucy Hawthorne, Julie Gough, Amanda Shone
2011  Laura Hindmarsh, Jacob Leary, Benjamin Ryan, Mike Singe
2010  Denise Ava Robinson, Tom O’Hern, Bec Stevens, Nicola Smith
2009  Alicia King, Mish Meijers, James Newitt, Jonathan Partridge

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