Curation in the contemporary art world is a creative and demanding occupation that merges ideas about what contemporary art can do and say with the practicalities of exhibition making. Curators negotiate with artists, institutions and stakeholders to produce projects that grab the attention of audiences and initiate dialogues.

If you’re an early career curator, or an artist with a curatorial idea, the CAT Curatorial Mentorship is a great place to start. The mentorship offers $3000 funds for critical development and research, mentoring from CAT staff and industry professionals, with an exhibition and catalogue funded through CAT’s program, and use of the curatorial studio for one year.

Curatorial applications can be experimental, ambitious or imaginary. The clear articulation of an exciting or challenging idea or project rational is critical to the selection process.

Selena de Carvalho, Ready Made: Burn Out, installation image, 2020. Photo: Rèmi Chauvin.
Cat Hope, Sound of Decay, 2013, cane toad, computer, sound system, dessicator, air filter system. Ghost Biologies, curated by Dr Eliza Burke, 2016, Contemporary Art Tasmania.

The mentorship is awarded on the basis of how well the application demonstrates:

  • A strong and original exhibition concept, proposing relevant artists
  • A close engagement with, and enthusiasm for, contemporary visual culture and its interpretation
  • A commitment to pursuing a professional practice and a willingness to fully utilise the mentorship to assist in the development of a professional career

Preference will be given to projects that increase opportunities for early career Tasmanian artists.
The opportunity is open to aspiring curators residing in Tasmania.
It is expected that the successful recipient will take up CAT membership.

The 2022 Curatorial Mentorship was awarded to Alexandra Hullah.

How to apply:

Deadline for the 2023 Mentorship: 15 August 2022

All applications to be emailed to

Applications should include:

One page pdf outline of a proposed exhibition including a curatorial rationale and framework. The proposal will identify and explain potential artists or artworks for inclusion. This proposal is open to adaption and development if successful.

One page Applicant CV (pdf)

Visual support material:

  • Up to 12 clearly labelled images as a single pdf (please make sure that each image is no more than 72dpi)
  • Artists who work with multimedia, moving image or sound to provide URLs and passwords (where needed).
  • All examples of work must be clearly labelled, including the artist’s name, title of work, date of completion (if applicable), medium, size and a short description where appropriate.
  • Support material in the form of relevant published writing by the applicant can be included as a single PDF or URL (optional)

For more information or questions please contact Mentorship Co-ordinator Colin Langridge: or 03 6231 0445

Past recipients

  • Mary Knights (1995)
  • Jane Stewart (1997)
  • Kelly Squires (1998)
  • Sally Rees (1999)
  • Jessica Ball (2000)
  • Kylie Johnson (2001)
  • Colin Langridge (2002)
  • Celia Lendis (2003)
  • Maria MacDermott (2004)
  • Scot Cotterell (2005)
  • Tristan Stowards (2006)
  • Carol Hammond (2007)
  • Jack Robins (2008)
  • Sarah Jones (2009)
  • Victor Medrano-Bonilla (2010)
  • Claire Needham (2011)
  • Matt Warren (2012)
  • Bec Stevens (2013)
  • Polly Dance (2014)
  • Lisa Campbell-Smith (2015)
  • Eliza Burke (2016)
  • Emily Bullock (2017)
  • Linda Crispin (2018)
  • Eva Nilssen (2019)
  • Caitlin Fargher (2020)
  • Sofie Burgoyne (2021)

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