What’s cooking? #2
What’s cooking? #2


Paul Eggins

Pete Mattila

Léuli Eshrāghi

Lucienne Rickard

5.30pm Thursday 7 October 2021

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

What are artists working on and what are the issues important to artists now?

The second event in the MACHINE: What’s cooking? series, this public program will comprise presentations by Paul Eggins, Pete Mattila, Léuli Eshrāghi and Lucienne Rickard. What’s cooking? has been designed to provide a context for discussing topics important to artists now, foster connection and an occasion for artists to speculate on what they require to progress their practice.

Paul Eggins is interested in how we perceive illegal drugs and their value. His practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture and street art. Léuli Eshrāghi (Sāmoan/Persian/Cantonese) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and researcher living and working between Australia and Canada.They intervene in display territories to centre global Indigenous and Asian diasporic visuality, sensual and spoken languages, and ceremonial-political practices.Trained as an industrial blacksmith and welder Pete Mattila makes objects out of steel. Through his work he celebrates complex histories, in art, craft and design as well as in industrial expression. Lucienne Rickard has spent the last ten years working exclusively in drawing. Her most recent work, Extinction Studies is a 16-month durational performance drawing project. Through this work she attempted to raise awareness of the looming extinction crisis by drawing and then immediately erasing extinct species.

What’s cooking? is presented through MACHINE, CAT’s new education and development program. MACHINE: What’s cooking? has been formulated to find out what artists want from a development program. From this process of enquiry CAT will create an artist-led collective learning program that is responsive, inclusive and relevant. As a machine of many moving parts, the learnings from 2021 will inform the ongoing development program.

MACHINE: What’s cooking #1. 5.30pm 23 September 2021 

MACHINE: What’s cooking #3. 5.30pm 28 October 2021

MACHINE curatorium: Robert O’Connor, Bill Hart and Kylie Johnson.

Brand: Cath Robinson, 2021

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