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This too shall pass

29 April–27 May

A powerful exploration by VIC-based artist Ashe of what it means to belong (or be shunned) in contemporary society. This too shall pass invites viewers to contemplate the human experience of ageing and loss of connection with self and community.


To companion a companion

March–August 2023

An exhibition by Fernando do Campo that proposes humans as a companion species to birds.
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Shotgun 10

Georgia Lucy has been selected as the next Shotgun artist. Over the next year, Georgia will be developing ideas and new work through the Shotgun 10 program for presentation at CAT in October 2023.
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Senikau Portal

18 November 2022– 2 October 2023

Priya Vunaki (Baddi Adi) is the recipient of the 2022 CAT Courtyard commission to develop a temporary artwork for the outside of the gallery.
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Digital Programs


House or Home? by Miriam McGarry


Grace Gamage: Art, Boxing and the History of Spinach


A response to Listening Within the Opacities of Our Times and Places by Philip Sulidae


Tomoko Momiyama: Towards a Collective Composition


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