MACHINE is a new series of education and development sessions initiated in response to the shifting expectations, knowledge and skill requirements of artists. Discursive and collegial in its approach, the program will be brewed from consultation with artists and arts professionals. MACHINE will commence in 2021 with a cluster of Show and Tell sessions designed to find out what artists want from a development program. From this process of enquiry CAT will create an artist-led collective learning program that is responsive, inclusive and relevant.


MACHINE: Show and Tell
We want to know what artists are working on and what are the issues that are important to artists now.

The Show and Tell public program will bring artists together to talk about their practice or a project in development. Presenters will selected through a combined process of application and invitation. Show and Tell will operate as an introduction to practice, provide a context for discussing topics important to artists now, create connection and be an opportunity to pose the question; what do artists want from a development program?
Machine: Show and Tell will occur across September and October 2021 and comprise 3 public events, each with 4 artists presenting. Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. CAT will pay a fee of $300 per presentation and contribute to travel expenses for those who reside beyond Hobart. Machine: Show and Tell is open to individuals or groups at any career stage who reside in Tasmania and are not currently enrolled in a course of study.

Applications due: Midnight Tuesday 10 August 2021

Application requirements:
• Description of your practice or project for presentation at Show and Tell. No more than 300 words.
• Speculate on what you would like from a development program. No more than 150 words.
• A one page CV
• Visual support material: no more than 6 images of work or work in progress that reflects your art practice. Artists who work with multimedia, moving image or sound to provide URLs and passwords (where needed). All examples of work must be clearly labelled, including the artist’s name, title of work, date of completion (if applicable), medium, size and a short description where appropriate.
Selection criteria: conceptual ambition, experimentation, currency

Please submit your 1 page text and 1 page CV as separate PDF documents. Images to be grouped into a single PDF document. Additional material will not be accepted.

Enquiries and applications to:
Kylie Johnson –

Selection will be made by the MACHINE curatorium: Robert O’Connor (artist, CAT Program Committee), Bill Hart (artist, CAT Board) and Kylie Johnson (CAT curator).

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