Episode #21: 25 Years of the CAT Curatorial Mentorship
Episode #21: 25 Years of the CAT Curatorial Mentorship

S5E3: 25 Years of the CAT Curatorial Mentorship

In 2020 CAT is celebrating 25 years of the curatorial mentorship program. Looking back on two and half decades of exhibitions, Lisa Campbell Smith speaks to Scot Cotterell and Sarah Jones, and 2020 recipient Caitlin Fargher.

To learn more about this program head to: contemporaryarttasmania.org/curatorial-mentorship/

The 2020 CAT Curatorial Mentorship exhibition, re-member, continues until Sunday 6 September.

This episode was produced and edited by Lisa Campbell Smith, additional editing and mixdown by Brendan Walls. Additional sounds for this episode come from Scot Cotterell – Sonic Systematics, Live at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for Hobiennale, 2017 and Selena de Carvalho, whose work is featured in the 2020 Curatorial Mentorship exhibition, re-member. The field recordings are collected from Tasmanian forests earmarked for clearfelling. Including: Styx underground creek, sumac bird, swift parrot in the division of Denison, 2019.

Scot Cotterell www.scotcotterell.com

Scot Cotterell is an Australian born inter-disciplinary artist known for his works concerned with the experience of mediated environments. His work uses mixtures of sound, video, images and objects in gallery and live contexts to create experiences that reflect upon cultural phenomena. Cotterell’s work has been performed and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Sarah Jones www.sarahjones.net.au

Sarah Jones is a writer and curator who has worked as an independent curator, university tutor, research and projects manager, general administrator and assistant for several contemporary artists and arts organizations based in Melbourne, Tasmania, Slovakia and Berlin.
Sarah’s research-based practice explores text and exhibition as a medium through which critical theory performs as the material of practice. She is currently examining the ways in which publishing can be redefined through the embodied exhibition event.

Caitlin Fargher www.caitlinfargher.com

Caitlin Fargher is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculptural installation and curating. She works out of Good Grief Studios, and lives in the seaside town of Kettering. Her work is created through an embodied practice that explores histories, sites, ecologies and memories. Gardening, cooking, environmental systems, historical research and family narratives inform her materials.

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