Caitlin Fargher


Selena de Carvalho

Takani Clark

Georgia Morgan

2020 CAT Curatorial Mentorship
Opening: 4 – 7pm, Friday 24 July 2020
Artist and Curator Talk: 3.30pm, Friday 24 July 2020 (bookings required:

Exhibition: 25 July – 6 September 2020


re-member is about imagining across the cracks, filling in the gaps and stringing fragments together. This exhibition brings together three artists based in nipaluna: Selena de Carvalho, Takani Clark and Georgia Morgan. Their films and sculptures tell stories about mythologies, care and hope. They ask you to listen to, look carefully and move through contentious spaces by collecting residue from the past, remembering and reinvigorating what remains as a way to move forward in the future.

In a world where stories of destruction and repeating the same wrongs dominate, it is an act of care to foster the stories that may have been forgotten or misconstrued by opening up a listening space for new voices (both human and non-human) to be heard. These are the stories that haunt us, the stories of places, family, species and who we are. To listen deeply to these stories now is healing, and to heal is to re-imagine what’s next.

The re-member catalogue essay is available as an audio file.  You can download it directly here:

Or listen via the embedded Soundcloud player below.

Image Credit: Selena de CarvalhoReady Made: Burn Out 2, 2020

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