Episode #35: What can art do?

For her last episode of What are you looking at? podcast Pip Stafford talks to Nadia Refaei, Alex Kelly, and Amy Spiers, asking them: What can art do?

This episode explores how art can contribute to social change in the world. Nadia talks about the importance of exploring political identity through her work, Alex discusses how artists can collaborate with or contribute to social movements, while Amy shares how her work aims to highlight some of Australia’s history of colonial violence. They emphasise that art can help unravel complex topics, tell stories, imagine futures, inspire conversations and act as a resistance tool, challenging ingrained structures and systems of thought.

This episode was produced, edited and hosted by Pip Stafford for Contemporary Art Tasmania. Additional music from Blue Dot Sessions.

Alex Kelly: echotango.org/ | unquiet.com.au
Nadia Refaei: www.nadiarefaei.com | www.instagram.com/tpanlutruwita/
Amy Spiers: amyspiers.com.au/

Zoe Samudzi: www.zoesamudzi.com/


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