Unkept – Project Discussion
Unkept – Project Discussion


Polly Dance TAS

Diana Giblin TAS

Jessie Lumb SA

Claire Kroužecký TAS/ USA

Sera Waters SA

Unkept - Project Discussion

Date: 12-Jul-2014

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


DATE: Saturday 12 July, 2014
TIME: 2pm


Unkept brings together the work of Jessie Lumb and Claire Kroužecký, both early career artists who respond to everyday sites and materials. Lowly, often mundane and ignored materials are brought to our attention and elevated to a place of intrigue. Dust, dirt, cracks, cobwebs, wind, light and air become the starting points from which the artists work. Unkept brings the outside in and takes the inside out. Works spill out of the gallery and into its surrounds, breaking down hierarchical divisions and treating the two spaces with equal consideration and importance.

This public discussion will be a continuation of the open dialogue at the core of Unkept. Participants will consider the project’s creation, manifestation, transformation and continuation. Visiting artist/ academic and catalogue contributor Sera Waters will lead the discussion with contributions by project curator, Polly Dance along with Jessie Lumb,
Claire Kroužecký [through the medium of a handwritten letter read aloud] and guest reader Diana Giblin.

Unkept has developed over the course of a year, led by phenomenological occurrences in the everyday and conversation between its participants. Conversations that began in the gallery, continued into email correspondence, ventured into a blog and are now brought back into the gallery environment through this public event.


This project has been developed under the Contemporary Art Tasmania Curatorial Mentorship Program

PROJECT BLOG: unkeptconversations.blogspot.com.au

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