Shotgun 2014 – Discussion Event
Shotgun 2014 – Discussion Event


Kylie Johnson

Shotgun publication writers

Hannah Mathews

Quentin Sprague

Jasmin Stephens

Shotgun 2014 - Discussion Event

Date: 24-Jul-2014

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

2014 Shotgun publication writers Hannah Mathews, Quentin Sprague and Jasmin Stephens will be joined by project coordinator Kylie Johnson and Shotgun artists past and present to discuss issues relating to professional practice today. Jasmin Stephens will lead the event with area of discussion including:

1. The intangibilities of sustaining an artistic practice – it’s about more than professional development
2. Getting organised with research and intelligence gathering
-Stretching Break-
3. Working out which curators and other personnel might be interested in your work
4. Doing residencies at home
5. The role of prizes and awards
-Stretching Break-
6. The role of private benefaction for more dedicated purposes such as commissioning work, paying stipends and supporting residency studios
7. Tackling cliches associated with remoteness
8. Creating your own ‘Shotgun’ program

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