Shotgun 7: Increase Productivity
Shotgun 7: Increase Productivity



Shotgun 7: Increase Productivity

Date: 16-Mar-2019 – 20-Apr-2019

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

OPENING: 6pm, Friday 15 March 2019

BOD POD SESSIONS: 12pm – 2pm every Wednesday and Saturday during the exhibition period.

“Ambition is a lifestyle. Generate industrious wellbeing. Redefine your personal fulfilment through abundant success. Create your life’s work in your work life and be faithful to your own brand. Become part of the greater we. Take 3 minutes out of your schedule today to gain unlimited productivity, open out creative capacity and build meaningful prosperity. Bod Pod™, the Gold Standard in Body Composition Analysis, can evaluate your current state of personal growth, recommend a course of action and, with repeat sessions, track the attainment of goals.
Productivity is authenticity is wellbeing is quantifiable.”
Linda Dement – catalogue excerpt


“Grace Herbert’s exhibition Increase Productivity brings together two symbolic regimes of self-improvement: the first is that of contemporary corporate culture, represented by that most ubiquitous object of postfordism, the communal hot desk; and the second is that of the personal fitness and well-being industry, here represented by a Bod Pod – an air-tight, human-scaled, fibreglass chamber that, using the principle of air displacement, calculates the user’s body–fat ratio with extreme precision. Both the hot desk and the Bod Pod are installed within adjoining transparent but nevertheless walled-in mobile office spaces, each 3 x 3 metres wide, which the artist has constructed inside the gallery. They are lit with the same cool, flat light of fluros, which gives both objects and spaces a uniform palette. Yet where the communal hot desk connotes sociality, the Bod Pod (which, with the help of cyberfeminist artist Linda Dement, has been made over into an atmospheric meditation cubicle fitted out with a customised voice-over and pensive soundtrack) encourages deep, personal introspection. How, we are therefore compelled by to ask, are we to understand the hot desk and the Bod Pod’s relation to one another? Where the hot desk allows one to work on whatever, wherever, whenever, and thereby become a more competitive producer, the Bod Pod allows one to understand one’s body and its specific nutritional needs in order to reach peak physical (or in the case of this exhibition, peak emotional and psychological) fitness. Their combination in the gallery thus reads as a portrait of the shifting economies of productivity and efficiency under late capitalism, of the total bleed between work and leisure, one’s self and one’s job – with the mobile office operating at the level of the social, and the Bod Pod at the level of the individual.”
Helen Hughes – catalogue excerpt



The project began in 2010 as the outcome of a public private collaboration between Contemporary Art Tasmania and Detached Cultural organisation and in 2017 it grew to include the Museum of Old and New Art. Shotgun is an awarded opportunity that supports the advancement of selected Tasmanian artist/s through a customised and intensive program of high-level industry access, production assistance and critical engagement.

During the Shotgun 7 program Grace worked closely with Sydney based artist Linda Dement. Grace also spent time with visiting industry professionals: Alexie Glass-Kantor, Helen Hughes, Jane Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, Michelle Newton, Jasmin Stephens and the Shotgun curatorium: Michael Edwards, Kylie Johnson, Craig Judd and Jarrod Rawlins. Shotgun 7 has been supported by commissioned texts by Linda Dement and Helen Hughes. Shotgun is a partnership project between Contemporary Art Tasmania, Detached Cultural Organisation and Mona.

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