Occasions hosted by Isabel Lewis
Occasions hosted by Isabel Lewis


Scot Cotterell


Isabel Lewis

Occasions hosted by Isabel Lewis

Date: 07-Jun-2017 – 25-Jun-2017

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


If silence = death, then activity = life

It may be a comfortable purgatory, a functionless waiting room, or the first time you’ve felt something in a while…

Berlin based performance artist Isabel Lewis hosts ‘Occasions’ – “evenings where she entertains guests and all their senses. Using music, food, smells and designs, she creates a unique experience for people to relax and enjoy, eat and drink, as well as participate if they like.”* Isabel creates a space where the ritualistic, the sensory and the sensual are presented to ‘guests’ as tangible offerings.

These active frames are set-up to make dormant senses tingle. This is a breath of life and like life, the experiences are fleeting. Isabel’s Occasions exist for a short set-period and then cease, leaving the aftermath as a record of ‘something’ that has occurred, while also operating as a material environment in their own right – a continuous exchange of performance and its post-life.


OCCASIONS: 7 – 11 June, 6 – 9PM

DECOR: 8 – 25 Jun

Curated by Scot Cotterell and designed by Juan Chacón.

Presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania and Dark Mofo 2017

*Description reference from ICA Off-Site project at the Old Selfrides Hotel www.crane.tv/isabel-lewis

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