Project Space: cut through the noise (echo chamber)
Project Space: cut through the noise (echo chamber)


Selena de Carvalho

29 – 27 November 2017

Contemporary Art Tasmania Project Space


Selena de Carvalho’s video playfully explored the fissures and cracks between an ideological representation of and the consumption of the environment. For example, ‘eco porn’ and advertising generally portray romanticized landscapes free from pollution and industrialization, compared to lived experiences of wildness (such as getting lost in the Pyrenees) or seeking out nuclear reactors using Google maps. The project combined ‘natural’ and ‘manmade’ materials to draw attention to the power of the original and the copy, and references the fetishized notions of branding and symbols, as well as the inherent magic of technology

The idea for this work occurred while I was on a residency in India. There I became obliquely aware of how my movements became influenced and choreographed by the invisible presence of ‘WIFI-hotspots’.

infinite loop door: nature video magnetic strips video: 2:45min loop

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