Luxury Bunker
Luxury Bunker

Luxury Bunker is a series of texts to be presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania’s online platform for writing, Journal.

Traditionally Journal provides an opportunity for writers to respond to our gallery exhibitions. Due to the COVID -19 gallery closure we are expanding the scope of Journal and commissioning an international selection of writers to respond their space, place, city… their bunker.

This is a unique moment in time where we see a spontaneous converging of mediums. To celebrate this, and in keeping with the original conception of Journal as a platform of personal response and unique reflection, we are commissioning writers that offer a revived perspective on the art-writing space: bringing different vantage points – professions, locations and interests.

Journal continues as a platform for new ideas, and for this unprecedented time of closure to our cultural centres we present wide-ranging, yet intimate insights during a time of collective uncertainty and worldwide shock.


Massimo Ricci, Italy

Nathaly Fernanda Garzón, Colombia

Eugene Ulman, South Africa

Natasha Tontey, Indonesia

Olivia Koh & Neika Lehman, Australia


Edited by Lisa Campbell-Smith

Design by Natasha Tontey

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