Episode #32: Tisna Sanjaya talks to Lisa Campbell-Smith
Episode #32: Tisna Sanjaya talks to Lisa Campbell-Smith

Greed/Rakus/Gierig curator Lisa Campbell-Smith talks to lead artist Tisna Sanjaya. Interview translation by Daffa Sanjaya.

The Jeprut artist community was founded in the 1980s in Bandung, West Java. Tisna Sanjaya is a leading figure in this community movement, and has gone on to produce many collaborative performance based art actions within this unique movement. Jeprut is a Sundanese term for a regenerative force. The performances were a rare blend of contemporary, ephemeral, immersive spaces for shared experience steeped in traditional Sundanese spiritual practice understood through the global scope of art as activism.

This project was presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania and Project Eleven in partnership with Dark Mofo

This episode features a track by Jeprut Artist Collective called Sinyur
Artists: Bi Raspi, Yoyon Darson, Ayi Ruhat, Yaya Suryadi

This recording was engineered by Chris Townend, recorded at Frying Pan Studios at Mona. It is the first professional recording made by the musicians collectively.

For more information about Greed/Rakus/Gierig click here: https://contemporaryarttasmania.org/programs/greed-rakus-geirig/

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