#33 Freestyle Football: What’s in the sauce? by Cassy Pinto
#33 Freestyle Football: What’s in the sauce? by Cassy Pinto
Illustration by Sydney Lee

Cooking Instructions

1. Prepare your dance partner:
Use the football as the base of your sauce and think of it as a ball of energy which you can use to explore and showcase the art of movement.

2. Light the flame:
Sprinkle in your passion for the sport and use it to fuel your freestyle journey.

3. Get into mixing:
Combine a generous amount of imagination into your creative kitchen. Use your feet, head, shoulders, arms and thighs to make a creative mix of tricks and craft it into a flow.

4. Add in your secret ingredient:
Add in your own creativity and the sporty pizzazz you bring to the sport that gives you an edge and makes freestyle for you. This blend will be your own secret sauce that will guide you in creating tricks that showcase your originality.

5. Add a dash of confidence:
Incorporate confidence into your trick combinations. The world is your stage, and confidence is the spice that will make your performance attractive against other freestylers.

6. Mix in some competition:
In a separate bowl, let your competitive drive take you to freestyle football events and tournaments in your local community. Showcase your skills, compete for prizes, and connect with other freestylers to grow and learn from their uniqueness.

7. Stir in shavings of street culture:
Blend in a handful of vibes that street culture provides by exploring the fusion of other alternative street artistry like breakdancing and urban dance.

8. Serve with a cultural impact:
As you whip up this freestyle football sauce, keep in mind it goes beyond a traditional sport by influencing fashion, music, and street culture which makes you a player in this artistic melting pot.

Et voila! As you savour your freestyle sauce, remember it isn’t just a culinary delight; it’s a cultural impact to which every freestyler brings their own special touch. You’re the chef; change and take and give as much as you want to make the sauce your own and share it with your community – there’s enough to go around for everyone.


Cassy Pinto is a Sri Lankan woman who was born and raised in the Middle East before making lutruwita/Tasmania her home for the past five years. Despite her legal background, Cassy enjoys delving into the world of creativity and has a love for projects that celebrate art, culture, music, and collaboration, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences and cultural heritage. She enjoys attending events and capturing the essence of each unique experience to share with others.

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