Absolute Piston Gauges
Absolute Piston Gauges

Absolute Piston Gauges

Pipeline, Reptrillion Culture Club, Colin Langridge, Alicia King, Philip Sulidae, Abi Whitton, Chloe Catto, Alfie Barker, Lee Booth, Nicole O’Loughlin, Emma Bugg, Isabella Foster, Caine Chennatt, Harrison Bowe, Keith Deverell and more to be announced

7 June – 6 July 2024

Launch & Events: Friday 7 June
Events: Friday 14 June
Exhibition: 8 June – 6 July 2024

Absolute Piston Gauges is a two-part program of events and presentations that ‘takes the temperature’ of art now. What ideas are artists exploring and what does the art of our current social and political climate look and sound like? We focus on the people who are shaping Tasmania’s ever-changing experimental art scene and provide them with the space to test, present, share and discuss their work. The program comprises artist and curator talks, discussions, performances and an exhibition.


Curated by Bill Hart, Robert O’Connor, Kylie Johnson

Constellations, an artist-led development program

The Constellations program is a response to the shifting expectations, knowledge and skill requirements of artists. Discursive and collegial in its approach, the program is formed through consultation with artists and arts professionals. As the program generates there will be opportunity for experimenting with alternative structures for participants to develop new modes of teaching and learning to support individual and collaborative development. More information →

Banner image: Alfie Barker, sunburn. A4 digital drawing. Courtesy of the artist

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