White Trash/Medium Rare
White Trash/Medium Rare



White Trash/Medium Rare


Date: 02-Oct-2002 – 27-Oct-2002

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

White Trash/Medium Rare was a collaborative project with Is Theatre Ltd. This performance asked what it is to be white and Anglo-Australian. The project developed a new work from scratch, involving considerable workshop and improvisational activity. The ‘set’ was an installation in the gallery for the duration of the performance period.

While this project produced mixed responses from certain elements of both traditional contemporary art and theatre audiences, the response of the more general audience was overwhelmingly favourable, as was the press theatre review.

Contemporary Art Tasmania is Tasmania’s professional level, public presentation platform dedicated to contemporary and experimental art. Its provenance is traceable from the foundation of Chameleon contemporary art space in 1982, through 20 years operating as Contemporary Art Services Tasmania (CAST) and, from 2013, as Contemporary Art Tasmania.

The organisation is a member of the Contemporary Art Organisations (Australia) national network (CAOs), NETS Australia (National Exhibitions Touring Support) and is assisted by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council, Arts Tasmania and through the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy.

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