The Mystical Fashioner
The Mystical Fashioner



The Mystical Fashioner

Date: 28-Mar-2015

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


The Mystical Fashioner is an experimental performance event developed on-site by resident Contemporary Art Tasmania Studio artist, Karin Chan. Chan’s personal experience across Eastern and Western cultures is translated into hybrid wearable art forms presented in a live format.

In her investigation of sculptural forms as charged objects with relation to the body and their environment, Chan will showcase her new series of wearable sculptures activated by bodily movements and choreographed in a conceptual manner.

Presented in a playful format, Chan engages with her feelings around her life circumstances from living in a Western culture and transforms these moments of difficulty into opportunities to love herself as she pursues happiness. The performance will use sculptural strategies to conjure ideas of courage and empowerment.

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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