Shotgun 6: Where have all the punks gone?
Shotgun 6: Where have all the punks gone?


Nadege Philippe-Janon

Rob O’Connor

Ashley Crawford

Lisa Radford

Scot Cotterell

James Newitt

Jarrod Rawlins

Michael Edwards

Kylie Johnson

Shotgun 6: Where have all the punks gone?

Date: 03-Mar-2017

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


Where have all the punks gone?


Part of the Shotgun 6 series of public events

Shotgun responds to fluctuating art ecologies and the shifts in knowledge and expectations of artists. This second Shotgun 6 round-table style discussion will be structured around, but not limited to four questions:

-Has the university become the art world colonial power, does ‘educated and trained’ art dominate cultural production today? What happened to punks?

-Are successful artists conscious of the need to be visible – not just their work but themselves as objects of exchange, objects of desire?

-How can the maintenance of creative autonomy and ‘research’ progress in an environment where external funding directives, prescriptive exhibition opportunities, spatial restrictions and/ or other impediments ultimately end up affecting the artwork itself?

-Is it true that there are no good artists in Hobart because all of the decent ones go elsewhere?

Join Shotgun 6 artists Nadege Philippe-Janon and Rob O’Connor, Shotgun 6 mentors Ashley Crawford and Lisa Radford, artists Scot Cotterell and James Newitt and project coordinators Jarrod Rawlins, Michael Edwards and Kylie Johnson for an evening of conversation.

Shotgun is a partnership project between Detached, MONA and CAT

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