Rehearsing the Future: One day we’ll eat together
Rehearsing the Future: One day we’ll eat together


Nadia Refaei
Mimi Refaei
Ghada Masri
Lina Alrifaie
Roza Yaqoub
Hanady AlRefaei
Judi Masri
Azoz Yaqoub
Refal Yaqoub
Mona Masri
Nasser Refaei
Sami Refaei
Salwa Masri
Hisham Refaei
Sarah Masri


Sofie Burgoyne

Private Rehearsals: 5 – 26 August 2021

Open Gallery: 27 – 29 August 2021

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

During One day we’ll eat together, Nadia Refaei will work in the gallery space to prepare for, and enact, symbolic and virtual meetings with her family in the Syrian diaspora, now spread across continents. The gallery will become a site of solitude and intimacy, activated through conversations, practice and private moments normally reserved for domestic spaces. This phase of ‘preparation’, witnessed only by the artist and family, will give way to a public invitation to enter and view what remains in the gallery. One day we’ll eat together delves into a historical, familial relationship with migration and displacement, and invites reflection on states of connection, asking how we can redefine connection and closeness in the digital age and a time of restricted travel.

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