Public Conversation: Boundaries
Public Conversation: Boundaries


Lucy Bleach

Tess Campbell

Sam Mountford

Peter Puskic

Mona Foma 2022

2.00pm Saturday 29 January, 2022

Contemporary Art Tasmania

This public program event is an introduction to the Boundaries exhibition. Boundaries explores states of observation and vision, meshing scientific research with personal stories, conflating the temporal and spatial scales implicit within our contemporary materials and lives. Using the ‘shoreline’ as a strategy to probe the environmental and existential concerns of our time, Boundaries seeks to dissolve the conditions of knowledge and reason to which we are attached.

Presenting artists Tess Campbell and Sam Mountford will discuss the concepts and development of their installation and new film On the Shoreline. Influential in the development of the work, IMAS scientist Peter Puskic will provide insights into his research. Boundaries curator Lucy Bleach will talk about her curatorial approach in relation to her art practice and forms of collaboration and mentoring.

Through the lens of geo-science, a shoreline can be defined as the physical transition between water and land surfaces, where the dynamic nature of this boundary is modified by the preceding, current and future action of the body of water that impacts it, as well as the topography and composition of the land. Through the lens of ecological philosophy, a shoreline might be thought of as a phenomenon that holds endless relationships between shifting forms and energies. The dissolving conditions of force and fragility, a kind of turbulence, might bring the things that are proximate and difficult into a temporary sharp focus, to be seen with intent, causality and stickiness, before their definition softens and they disappear. 

– Lucy Bleach, essay excerpt

Read the full essay here (PDF)


Through her practice Lucy Bleach focuses on human’s enduring relationships to volatile environments, seeking engagement with communities that authentically experience such relationships, and researchers who monitor the earth’s movementLucy continues to develop a practice that spans 30 years across curated exhibitions, festival commissions, community collaborations, curatorial projects, published writing and lecture presentations.
Tess Campbell is a media artist and freelance videographer based in nipaluna/Hobart, lutrawita/Tasmania. Tess completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania. Her practice is preoccupied with speculative fiction in film. 
Sam Mountford is an artist and writer living in Mora, Portugal. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania and attended the Maumaus Independent Study Programme, Portugal in 2019. He works between Europe and Australia. 
Peter Puskic is a marine biologist at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in nipaluna/Hobart. His PhD tries to detect the impacts of plastic and associated chemical pollution on wildlife, mostly seabirds.

Presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania in association with Mona Foma. This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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Tess Campbell and Sam Mountford, On The Shoreline. Video and sound, 2022.
Developed with Alex Laird. Sound: Callum Cusick, Emily Sheppard and Jon Smeathers. Performances: PONY CAM

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