Project Space: Things Change
Project Space: Things Change


Jake Walker

Date: 25 September – 25 October 2020

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania Project Space


Jake Walker’s paintings and practice are a response to the rise in slick, highly resolved contemporary art which de-emphasises the hand made and the mark of the artist. Calling it “Folk Modernism,” Walker comments “the conceptual set will argue that making art based on practice and aesthetic judgment can only result in decoration. Yet standing in front of a Diena Georgetti painting you are confronted with a cosmic power beyond the early 20th century abstract content. It’s as if somewhere in the process of applying acrylic paint to board the art gods got involved and turned the work into a pointer to another world. Aesthetically, society is in a crumby place. Most new buildings, cars, clothes, songs and websites are badly designed and constructed. It’s no wonder artists are looking back more and more, slowing down and reassessing things. Let’s move forward; let’s look back.”

THINGS CHANGE will present a selection of paired works to be re-hung at different stages of the exhibition offering the audience a unique insight into the artist’s studio practice.

Jake Walker is represented by Station Gallery, Melbourne. Solo exhibitions of Walker’s work have been held in New Zealand and Australia. Walker has been included in numerous group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and New Zealand.


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