Project Space: Ribbons
Project Space: Ribbons


Lychandra Gieseman

Ribbons is an installation of textile, text and video work by CAT Studio Resident Lychandra Gieseman. The work is an introspective exploration of the self in romantic relationships. It is built on the deconstruction of poetry written from teen-hood to present – documentation of the trials and growth of the romantic self. ⁣⁣

Gieseman experiments with text by removing words from their original contexts, rearranging them into lines reminiscent of prize ribbons. Obscuring their communicative value – all that is left are the representational objects of pure emotion and intention. Displayed in excess the words express the overflow of countless attempts to understand personal relationships. 

The video work Hope you like uses the ribbons to demonstrate a hyper-feminised ritual of adornment in relation to the anticipatory element of romance. Repetitive action equates to somewhat directionless determination to be found attractive enough to love.

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