Project Space : Neither / Nor
Project Space : Neither / Nor


Vivienne Cutbush 

08-Jun-2018 – 15-Jul-2018

Contemporary Art Tasmania Project Space

Yesterday on the beach I saw a bird dead wet
and tangled in the kelp. With a stone I turned
its bent body all feathers flesh and bone. What
sense is in this world.


Opens 5pm Friday 8 June 2018
Exhibition: 9 June – 15 July 2018

Neither-Nor [Art / Writing] is a performance of creative practice processes – thinking as making, reading in fragments, uncertainties and failures, worked and un-worked writing, and everyday conversations. Continual motion and everything in between. The pauses, transitional stages and inconclusive phases. This is a project about neither knowing, nor art and writing. Fragments of text, conversations and image. Neither-nor finding and losing the edges.

And so, Vivienne would like to invite you to visit her. Pull up a chair in her (neither) studio (nor) exhibit, (neither) nook (nor) cave. She’ll pour you a coffee and you can talk about neither-nor: kunanyi; pinmatik/Rocky Cape; the colour of the sky this morning; repetitions of simple acts; the relationship of language to place; warped reflections of floating fish and chip restaurants down at the dock. No end in sight, an unfolding. Where meaning and making arise along the way, emerging up and out of conversations and inhabitation of a space, constantly being made and remade.

During the project Vivienne will be sending out TinyLetters, emails of that which comes up and out of the space Neither-Nor [Art / Writing]. A missive of the personal, the daily. If you would like to add her TinyLetter to your mix of emails read/unread/starred and spam, subscribe here:

Project Blog:

Keep an eye out for weekly updates of times and days Vivienne will be in the project space for conversations and coffee. The space will be open in accordance with CAT hours during this period.

The project Neither-Nor [Art / Writing] takes place on stolen Palawa land. I acknowledge the muwinina peoples, the custodians of the lands on which I live and work, land which was taken from them without their consent, treaty or compensation. I give my respects to the elders past, present and future Tasmanian Aboriginal communities. Sovereignty never ceded.

The CAT Project Space is made available to Studio Residents for new work, or works in progress throughout their studio tenure.

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