Np423b: empty orchestra
Np423b: empty orchestra


Dylan Sheridan

Np423b: empty orchestra

Date: 10-Aug-2019 – 08-Sep-2019

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Dylan Sheridan is an artist and composer working across time-based performance and installation in all manner of private and public spaces and platforms.

NP423 – Sheridan’s first solo show in a white-cube gallery context – is a modular environment of hacked, circuit-bent and repurposed domestic objects. The work evolved from the idea and experience of ‘misophonia’ – an irrational and intense dislike of certain sounds. The interconnected objects each express a cathartic transformation through the amplification and synthesis of the sounds and things that irritate and ‘drive Sheridan nuts.’

As his previous sound-theatre works have evolved, automated sound objects and inventions have gradually replaced human performers enabling Sheridan to begin to experiment with extended performance durations and structures that are not limited by the needs of human performers.
While NP423 remains rooted in a time-based rhythmic structure, the singular details and events of a linear musical narrative are combined into a sonic choreography of non-linear counterpoint offered from the multiple vantage points available in a gallery space. This new context exposes the theatrical façade of Sheridan’s oeuvre to reveal the ‘nuts and bolts’ of his creations under the omnipresent scrutiny of the ‘white-cube’ and the random attentions of its audience.

This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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