NAF:TMFC Notorious R&D
NAF:TMFC Notorious R&D





Rahni Allan

Emma Bugg

Selena de Carvalho

Jason James

Astrid Joyce

Idiot Lust

Dylan Sheridan

Nick Smithies

Anne Goldenberg

Karine Rathl

Mez Breeze

NAF:TMFC Notorious R&D

Date: 23-Jun-2013

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


***SUNDAY 23 JUNE*** 1500 Late | Notorious R&D | CAST Responses to the NAF:TMFC hothouse ritual.

Live coding, tele-robotics, net-art, installation, performance. Releases early, often and with home-made dream machine whirs, encoded charms & fem-botics. This is notorious R&D.

Rahni Allan, Emma Bugg, Selena de Carvalho, Jason James, Astrid Joyce, Idiot Lust, Dylan Sheridan, Nick Smithies (TAS).

BlackMagick|WhiteMagick | Anne Goldenberg (RA/CAN) + Karine Rathle (CAN/UK) | CAST Performance. Power relationships toward our technological tools.

Tactical M[ez_tr]agic: Hostage_Stage + [st]Ream_Spam_ featuring Mez Performance (remote). [DE]SCRIPT: #Prepare [or: “Previously, on Mezangelle”]# | Mez Breeze AUS |

This event is presented in association with MONA as part of Dark MOFO 2013.

Full program of events available at

This workshop is part of the Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits project.

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