Date: 18-Oct-2008 – 16-Nov-2008

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Voevodin–Cash and Woods met one another in regional Queensland in 1998. From this meeting they became friends and collaborators.

Within the art world they were labelled ‘regional artists’ a stigma and categorisation that implied they were not part of a certain clique of art making and didn’t make art from a central more important reference point, for example a metropolitan city. This motivated both artists to find a suitable way of working that had significance in and out of a regional area. In reaction to this both  artists focused on the positive outcomes of regionalism. In doing so this gave them the freedom to explore and experiment within their practices, drawing on theories addressing the literal and functional site. This led to investigations into the natural environment, site specificity, landscaping, cooking, sewing and essentially pushing boundaries with their art and audiences questioning  ‘what is art?’ and ‘what is it good for?’

This rationale, consolidated a working relationship between these two artists that has lasted for more than ten years. It seemed inevitable this would eventuate into collaborative projects and exhibitions that will continue to explore the main areas of investigation shared by both artists – site and interaction.


LANDscapers in Queensland

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