it called out
it called out


Melanie Herbert

it called out

Date: 14-Jan-2014 – 16-Feb-2014

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

An immersive, multi-speaker work that couples sound with light to reshape the terrain of the gallery space. Delicate layers of noise and silence disperse, forming micro and macro sonic spaces that merge and bleed into each other to make a constantly shifting and expanding sound world.

A live, improvised performance will feature on the opening night.

Melanie Herbert is a Sydney-based composer and installation artist. She performs in 8-piece laptop orchestra¬†Electronic Resonance Korps, as well as large-scale improvising ensemble, Splinter Orchestra. As resident sound artist for Earthcrosser Company, Melanie has been involved in self-devised theatre works such as ‘Room’, due for release at PACT theatre in 2014. She has composed and performed works for The NOW now, What Is Music?, Frequency Oz and Volta Collective. Using field recordings and musical improvisations, her compositions fuse intricate networks of space, sound, silence and time to create immersive musical soundscapes.

Presented in partnership with MONA as part of MONA FOMA 2014

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