In search of the marvellous
In search of the marvellous



In search of the marvellous

Date: 06-Aug-2013 – 06-Oct-2013

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

An exhibition invoking a dialogue between new works and images from the artist’s archives.

Pat Brassington is one of Australia’s most respected photo-media artists. Across her career, her oeuvre has consistently delved in ideas associated with Surrealism: dreams, psychoanalysis, the uncanny, sexuality, and the abject. In this context, the marvellous is an enchanted and unexpected encounter when the ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary.

Brassington’s practice shifts across analogue and digital photographic media, and her initial training in the processes of printmaking provides some clue to her manipulated, illusory and often disconcerting images. Using both her own and found photographic source material, her often strange juxtapositions are worked and reworked into a state of ‘unresolve’ where any meaning or intention in an image can never be fully grasped and only ever be ‘sensed’.

With In search of the marvellous, the artist has mined her personal archive and revisited images that were either unfinished or unsatisfactorily resolved. These newly reformed works will be shown alongside A heartbeat away, 2011-12, a major work seen at the 2012 Adelaide Biennial, and offer further insight into Brassington’s wide-ranging curiosity and persistent speculation.


  • Hollow in the Paper
  • Parallel

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