Greed Manifesto
Greed Manifesto


Tisna Sanjaya


Lisa Campbell-Smith

Greed Manifesto

Wednesday 21 June, 5pm

Contemporary Art Tasmania

Leading figure of the Indonesian contemporary experimental art scene, Tisna Sanjaya invites audiences to gather and share the floor to discuss collective practice and collaborative methodologies.

Off the back of Greed/ Rakus/ Gierig, a series of Sundanese ceremonial performances, body painting and burning held as a part of Dark Mofo at the LongHouse, visitors are invited to celebrate and reflect on this experience.

A screening of a film made by Deny Tri Ardianto of Tisna working with his collaborators, Mas Nanu Munajar, Raspi, Yoyon Darson, Ayi Ruhat, Yaya Suryadi, Hani Pribadi, and Hari Abadi during their Tasmanian tour will be launched on the night.

Artist bio

Tisna rose from the 1980s generation of contemporary Indonesian and Bandung artists with their wave of experimentation, but with his own attitude, style, and language. Starting from drawings and etchings in graphic arts, Tisna’s depictions constantly discover new spaces with the passage of time-both in crossing the world of roles and theatrical characterizations; becoming a form that grows in the environment and society; and by never leaving the social-actual background. It frames the small and large moral paradoxes all around us.

Presented by CAT and Project 11 Foundation in partnership with Dark Mofo. Supported by Nayri Niara.


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