Shared space/ Shared house/ Co-existence
Shared space/ Shared house/ Co-existence


Luke Bacon

Ju Bavyka

Tessa Zettel


Kiora & Tyenna Hogan

Guest Speakers

Nala Mansell (Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre)
Matt Haubrick (Hobart Housing Alliance)


Appetisers by palawa kipli
Beverages by The People’s Wine

HOME|LAND Public Program: from 11am Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 October 2022

Closing event: House Cooling, 5.30pm Saturday 29 October

Hosted by Frontyard (NSW) at Contemporary Art Tasmania


What does it mean to share a house? How can we co-exist in this historical moment, in this place? There are conversations that need to happen, things to be acknowledged and plans to be made.

On the last weekend of the HOME|LAND exhibition at CAT, Frontyard ambassadors Luke Bacon, Ju Bavyka and Tessa Zettel will host a program of conversations, reflections, gardening (tending, turning, caring for), ideas and histories on sharing space and co-existingFrontyard invite the Hobart community to join with them for a ruffle through some conversations, tidy up and share a meal in the share house.


Saturday 29 October

11am–2pm Induction & open house

An induction to the shared house of the exhibition and the weekend’s events. Together we will have an open conversation that engages with a collection of objects gathered by Frontyard and the works in the exhibition. How do we share and care for something together? How can we co-exist? Snacks and tea will be provided.

3–5pm Exhibition open – Frontyard closed work session

In the afternoon Frontyard will compost the conversation of the morning; writing, transcribing recordings, making objects for the next conversation.

5.30pm House Cooling

Join Frontyard janitors and HOME|LAND artists for a potluck dinner. Tyenna and Kiora Hogan will respond to the exhibition in the form of an ‘unwelcome’ and then we will share a meal and conversation outside of private and commercial spaces. Bring a plate* and as many friends and family members as you like – all welcome.

A good dinner party is a Temporary Autonomous Zone. Nobody tells you what to do at a good dinner party. Nobody gives orders. Nobody collects taxes. It’s an experience of giving and being given to, of filling the body and emptying the mind, having a good conversation and good wine and so forth — Hakim Bey, 2010.

*If you can, this is optional – please come along either way! If you bring a plate, please label it with the ingredients used and any special notes e.g. vegan, gluten free etc.


Sunday 30 October

11am-1pm Object Gardening – Open Discussion

Who do you share space with? Do you find it challenging or problematic? What are the benefits? What are your rules and rituals for sharing? What conversations need to happen in Hobart? Building on the conversations and materials emerging from the first day, you are invited to bring objects for conversation and collective tending.

2–4pm Exhibition open – Frontyard closed work session

Again, In the afternoon Frontyard will compost the conversation of the morning; writing, transcribing recordings, making new objects for the next conversation.

4-6pm Open-house

A wrap up session, reflecting on the materials, conversations and objects that have been gathered and gardened throughout HOME|LAND and the weekend.


Frontyard is a pro-active, multi-purpose space on Cadigal and Wangal lands (Marrickville, Sydney) where people have been coming together for creative residencies, skills-sharing, critical research, food and fun since 2015. Ambassadors from Frontyard joined Hobiennale in 2017 to create Conversation Piece, a book of tools for conversations as a strategy for being together and turning attention to the things that might be missed. Now, in 2022, HOME|LAND curator Alexandra Hullah has invited Frontyard to a new conversation about sharing houses and co-existing—which feels very close to home. For Frontyard this is a moment of rethinking after quiet years of lockdown and turning over the compost to see how we might thrive in the current context. Again the questions: How do we share and care for something together? How can we co-exist? What conversations need to happen? Ambassadors from Frontyard connect their ongoing conversations into the HOME|LAND project, bringing their own provocations, listening and gardening ideas. As in 2019, the team will be using the scaffold of book making to frame the weekend of events in Hobart and as a foothold for ongoing and future conversations. Several lead up events will take place at Frontyard in Sydney as a way to bring the conversation between the sites.


Learn more about Frontyard on the fywiki: 

Join the Frontyard Slack Digital Garden: 

Download the Conversation Piece book: 

HOME/LAND is presented by Contemporary Art Tasmania as a part of the Curatorial Mentorship Program and supported by Arts Tasmania through the Minister of the Arts.
Off-Yard: Shared space/ Shared house/ Co-existence was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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