Date: 10-Jun-2016 – 19-Jun-2016

Location: Dark Park, Goods Shed, Macquarie Point, Hobart


Avast me hearties!  Weave ye way through a maelstrom of data highlighting piracy – both the eye patch and the information kind. Drift upon a sea of network traffic; non-human pirate girls will haunt you along the way. For those who embark on the maiden voyage: you’ve been warned: divination.cc



The Divination Pirate Girl performance will begin as soon as you opt in


DIVINATION MAIDEN VOYAGE: Dark Mofo – 6pm Friday 10 June 2016


To secure your place at the Maiden Voyage arrive early. Entry available from 5.15pm for pre-registered mateys. Limited places available.


ONGOING INSTALLATION: 5 – 10 pm Saturday 11 + Sunday 12 June. Continues Wednesday 15 – Sunday 19 June


Presented by Dark Mofo and Contemporary Art Tasmania

Divination Pirate Girls wade through network traffic leaving a glowing dystopia of exploited data in their wake. Divination is traditionally is a method of visualising events that are not immediately physically observable. The artwork Divination highlights the ease of access to so-called private data and offers an alternative view of information we transmit on a daily basis.

Audiences are chaperoned by human and nonhuman Pirate Girls through an energetic collision of sea shanties, nautical mythology, computer culture & transgressive fiction.

Encounters with Pirate Girls happen remotely – before, during and after – the maiden voyage via email and txt by registering. The audience network traffic feeds into the artwork. The event will explore bot behaviour and satire of non human actors who manifest as pirate girls.

By actively operating a network as a performance tool, the artwork interrupts the flow of our _user experience_ illuminating the complexity of uninformed consent strategies. Pirate Girls as chatbots highlight how technical agents that observe and act performatively have become increasingly inconspicuous. Reappraising privacy through a performative lens, the work exploits the _opts in_ strategies of consumer culture. There are many ways we willingly sacrifice privacy in exchange for convenience and leave data trails behind: Facebook, Instagram, Loyalty Cards, Terms of Use, Location Tracking. These trails are revealed as visualized data constellations which allow the Pyrate Queen to navigate her ship.

Executive Producer: Alexander Godschalk NL

Australian Producer Contemporary Art Tasmania: Kylie Johnson TAS

Technical co-Producer / Digital Art: Matt Daniels TAS

Technical co-Producer / Sound Composition: Nick Smithies TAS

Lighting Design: Jason James TAS

Network Engineer: Alexei Bilnov RU/ UK

Network Communication: Danja Vasiliev GER/RU

Kinetic Stage Engineer: Guy Paramore TAS

Sound Engineer: Greg Gurr TAS

Storyteller: Jim Woff NSW

Digital Stage Technique / Web Design: Linda Dement NSW

Print Design: Cath Robinson TAS

Documentation Manager / Technical Assistant: Aaron Horsley TAS

Dramaturg: Briony Kidd TAS

Pirate Girls: chatbots and other non humans ET/ GNU

A Romantic Mutiny in a Maelstrom of Data 

Divination has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. This project has been assisted by Tasmanian Regional Arts. The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia delivered in partnership with Tasmanian Regional Arts. The project has been supported through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

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