Crush Grind
Crush Grind



Crush Grind

Date: 14-Jan-2011 – 20-Jan-2011

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Philip Samartzis uses field recordings of natural and constructed environments as his primary material to render densities of space and discrete zones of aural experience, which are arranged and mixed to reflect the acoustic and spatial complexities of everyday sound fields. He draws on a range of practices ranging from acoustic ecology and bioacoustics to musique concréte and sound art to arrive at compositions that highlight the pervasive nature of sound and the myriad ways in which it informs and influences our daily experiences. To emphasize this Samartzis designs his compositions for multi-channel surround sound systems that afford immersive and tactile listening experiences to demonstrate the transformational qualities inherent in sounds familiar and strange.

Crush Grind is a MONA FOMA project at CAST. Crush Grind is composed from sounds gathered by Philip Samartzis in the Antarctic. The artist would like to thank the Australian Antarctic Division for their support of this project.

DON’T MISS Opening 6pm Thursday 13 January 2011


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