Courtyard: Grace Gamage – KnockOut Gym PaintOut
Courtyard: Grace Gamage – KnockOut Gym PaintOut


Grace Gamage

KnockOut Gym PaintOut

Courtyard Commission

November 2019–October 2020


Grace Gamage has renovated the CAT Courtyard in the image of the interior walls of the KnockOut Gym, a boxing gym located in Warsaw, Poland. KnockOut is home to boxing coach Pawla Skrezca. Skrezca is the coach of Gamage’s boxing coach Jacek Woroniecki. Each year Woroniecki travels to Poland to train with Skrezca. Using the inherent distance of a memorial replica, Gamage invites an audience to consider a trajectory of boxing movement, style and coaching from Warsaw to Hobart.

Grace Gamage is an artist, writer and boxing coach born in Perth and is now based in Hobart. Through her work she attempts to adapt to new conditions within capitalism through critique and praxis, and by collaborating with humans and non humans. Since 2010 she has particpated in collectivised working habits and now grows vegetables with Broom and Brine Farm, a feminist worker-owned farm located in Allens Rivulet, Hobart. Gamage is co-founder of Resistance Training Gym, a DIY roaming training collective. She is a coach at Hobart Boxing and teaches an old-school Eastern European style of boxing which emphasises technical footwork, long range lead hooks and uppercuts, and counter punching.

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