Conversations: Feminism & Art
Conversations: Feminism & Art


Linda Dement (NSW)
& Nancy Mauro-Flude (TAS)

Jane Polkinghorne (NSW)
& Yvette Watt (TAS)

Andrew Harper (TAS)
& Elvis Richardson (VIC)

Conversations: Feminism & Art

Date: 10-Aug-2019 – 08-Sep-2019

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Conversations: Feminism & Art has been developed in response to a renewal of interest in feminism within contemporary art and culture broadly. The aim of the symposium is to instigate local conversation around the topic. The structure will consist of three separate public conversations each between two artists with the following questions operating as a base for discussions:

• What are the misconceptions, meaning and relevance of
feminism in contemporary art today?

• Does feminism offer possibilities to frame artistic practice
differently to those offered by other established and emerging frameworks?

• What does it mean to perform identity and how can the agency
of feminism function most valuably now?

• Is it now, finally fashionable to be a fan of feminism? That is to say, is there openness to engaging with art and ideas through the term or does the ‘cringe factor’ still broadly exist?

Conversations: Feminism & Art is a precursor to a larger event scheduled for early 2015.

This event is a partnership between The Tasmanian College of the Arts and Contemporary Art Tasmania.
Convened by Mary Scott (TCotA) and Kylie Johnson (CAT)

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