Bimbo Laboratory
Bimbo Laboratory



Bimbo Laboratory

Date: 28-May-2005 – 26-Jun-2005

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Bimbo Laboratory takes the dreams of genetics and cybernetics to their extreme in this exploration of what the perverse relationship between the human body and technology might breed. Haig includes a range of ‘proto-types of customised domestic technology;’ carefully crafted futuristic sex toys transformed from household appliances, referencing their documented history as aids to masturbation and sexual stimulation.

This solo exhibition by international artist Ian Haig, the clinical, fleshy pinks of rubber and plastic, the anonymous distance of the internet and the scent of medical, scientific properness of it all, are carefully weighed against the reality of the sleazy, insidious perversity of what drives this dreaming. Haig is not moralising here, his cynicism or fear is presented in a way that would be comical or camp, were it not so cold.


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