Beyond the Field (Still)
Beyond the Field (Still)


Anne Mestitz


Carolyn Wigston
Michael Graeve
Jamin Kluss
Sara Hughes
Paul Snell
Wilma Tabacco
Stephen Wickham
Jacob Leary
Neil Haddon

Ron Robertson-Swann
Suzanne Moss
Paul Zika
Samara Adamson-Pinczewski
Tricky Walsh
Joshua Reilly
Eun Ju Cho
Frank Murri

Beyond the Field (Still)

Date : CAT 22 September – 4 November 2018
MAC 21 September – 13 October 2018

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania and Moonah Art Center

In 1968 the National Gallery of Victoria staged The Field – Australia’s first comprehensive display of colour field painting and abstract sculpture. Now 50 years on – as the NGV revisits that landmark exhibition – we are also taking the opportunity to stand back, take stock and re-examine what artists are making beyond The Field, still. Beyond the Field (still) presents the work of seventeen artists across two venues – Moonah Arts Centre and Contemporary Art Tasmania.

The intention is to explore the work of contemporary artists whose practices sit in a similar genre to the original The Field exhibition.


Exploring the variety of experiences that artists draw from, Beyond the Field (still) asks: what informs the work; what drives the artist; and what sensations do they seek to impart.
In addition to the exhibition, curator Anne Mestitz will be joined by a number of the artists for public programs including a floor talk, a forum, a creativity workshop, a panel symposium and a podcast.


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