Bendable posable action artist – 19.05.22
Bendable posable action artist – 19.05.22


James Brennan

Julia Drouhin


Warren Mason

Date/ Time: 5.30pm 19 May 2022

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

The month-long Bendable posable action artist (b.p.a.a) program of presentations brings artists from all career stages together in a social gallery space to talk about their practice, present an artwork in development, pose provisional ideas for art projects and engage in a dialogue with their peers. The 19.05.22 event comprises presentations by James Brennan, Julia Drouhin, Milquebarth and Warren Mason.

This occasion involves video, performance and sound works.

b.p.a.a program – 19.05.22
Julia Drouhin – performance
Warren Mason – performance
James Brennan – presentation
Milquebarth – presentation and performance

Bendable posable action artist is presented through CAT’s education and development program Constellations. Discursive and collegial in its approach, the series provides a context for sharing ideas and fostering connection.

Julia Drouhin is an artist who amplifies invisible soundstreams that reveal friction in sociality via radioscape, installation or performance. You can find her jumping with broken plates on a mini trampoline or licking some rocks at the beach. Recent activity includes: the Instrument Builders Project (IBP5) engaging artists from Australia and the Asia-Pacific curated by Contemporary Art Tasmania, Volcanic Winds and Liquid Architecture for Mona Foma (2021); an Australia Art Orchestra residency, creative music intensive (2019) and a mentorship at the Structures Sonores et Cristal Baschet supported by the Australia Council for the Arts at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France (2019). Julia is one half of Sisters Akousmatica with Phillipa Stafford.

James Brennan is a performer and producer of music, performance and video. He was once the frontman of 90’s grindcore act Flycop (Spiral Objective) and infamous Berlin-based electronic duo Theatre Of Disco (Risky Disco / Future Classic). In recent years He has created opera with prisoners in Poland and Australia, death metal choirs with Finnish death metal icon Antti Boman (Demelich), and experimental metal with Indonesian gamelan innovator Willyday Namali. Axon Breeze is the latest project from James Brennan. Axon Breeze is a long form music and performance project, a post-human alter ego, hell bent on taking the hectic energy of death metal culture to the club. Current collaborators include gamelan innovator Willyday Namali (Indonesia), Tasmanian drummer DJ, Sam Dowson and renowned cinematographer Sandi Sissel ASC.

Sam Dowson// Milquebarth is a Tasmanian musician and noise maker. Sam has played in bands including Lazer Baby, CM3, Mephistopheles, The Lawless Quartet, Ben Salter’s Band and has coordinated national band tours. He has also worked with numerous artists including: Ulver, Alta, Alice Ivy and Cat Hope. Sam performs solo as Milquebarth, using an iPad app to produce and perform high-energy mash-ups. Recent Milquebarth events include Milquefest, a curated local line-up for the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (2020) and a 24-hour performance on Hobart’s parliament lawns to raise money for bushfire relief (2019). He is currently working on an independent label RKS Records, a platform for Tasmanian experimental music.

Warren Mason is an artist, musician and storyteller. He is a proud Aboriginal man with lines to the Yuwaalaraay and Yorta Yorta peoples. His work is influenced by feelings of disconnection from his country and it plays a significant part in the healing that he’s trying to achieve. He has been exhibiting since 1996 and has been performing since 2018. Warren’s most recent project, Tin Camp Studios has been presented through Contemporary Art Tasmania in different formats at public events in Tasmania and NSW. Tin Camp is a mobile storytelling space styled on 1940s-50s Aboriginal camps as found on the outskirts of townships across Australia, then and now. Tin Camp is a place for story, music and art – it is also a recording studio – for now and for the next generation to appreciate and learn from.

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