Artist to Artist
Artist to Artist







Jacob Leary

Michaela Gleave

Pat Brassington

Justene Williams

Kylie Johnson

Artist to Artist

Date: 13-May-2016 – 18-Sep-2016

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


A suite of four solo exhibitions curated by four artist’s presented in ‘rapid fire’ succession across four consecutive Fridays.



Paul Zika

Curator: Jacob Leary

OPENING: Friday 12 August 2016. Exhibition continues till 21 August.


Tertium Organum

Peter Waller

Curator: Michaela Gleave

OPENING: Friday 19 August 2016. Exhibition continues till 28 August.


a bruise has no tears

Amanda Davies

Curator: Pat Brassington

OPENING: Friday 26 August 2016. Exhibition continues till 11 September.


The Spill

Megan Walch

Curator: Justene Williams

OPENING: Friday 2 September 2016. Exhibition continues till 18 September.


Project Curator: Kylie Johnson


Artist to Artist  is informed by the unique relationships artists have with other artists. Every mode of art presentation establishes relationships between the artist, curator, presenting institution, and audience. The curator deploys techniques, strategies and methodologies towards the public presentation of artworks. Curators have the potential to assign or open up different meanings in the work and to create contexts for viewing. How might we think about what the artist curator does that is different to that of the institutional curator? This project sets out to examine the variances between these positions and how the personal and professional proximities between artists intersect and influence exhibition outcomes.

An aim of the project is to emphasize collaboration as a key strategy in idea generation and artwork presentation. Each artist pairing has been derived from deliberation of the value that one party may bring to the other. In some instances relationships between curating artists and exhibiting artists are already in place while in others they have been established as the exhibition develops. Peer to peer collaboration is always risky but can also be the ‘stuff’ of interesting projects!


a bruise has no tears  has been supported by an Australian Artists’ Grant, a NAVA initiative, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs Janet Holmes à Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts.

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