Art Handling Workshop
Art Handling Workshop

Art Handling Workshop

Date: 07-Oct-2009 – 11-Oct-2009

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania // A FREE EVENT

Ever felt you should know more about correct art handling procedures?

CAST will be running a ‘best practice’ workshop on this very topic later this year. Held in CAST Gallery between exhibitions, this 2-day workshop will combine practical demonstrations with talks and advice from experienced professionals from around Australia.

The CAST Art Handling Workshop will likely cover such subjects as:

  • Occupational health & safety in the gallery
  • Gallery lighting
  • Care and handling of art work
  • Hanging works
  • Working with display furniture (e.g. plinths, vitrines etc.)
  • Exhibition design
  • Storage of works
  • Transportation & packing methods
  • Condition reporting & responding to damage

This workshop is intended for people looking for work in museums and galleries as volunteers or employed staff. Numbers will be limited, so stay posted for more information and register early to be involved.

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