Acts of Exposure – Symposium
Acts of Exposure – Symposium


Jane Stewart & Bec Tudor (TMAG)

Kylie Johnson & Colin Langridge (Contemporary Art Tasmania)


Leigh Hobba (TAS)

Michael Schlitz (TAS)

Mark Shorter (NSW)

Acts of Exposure - Symposium

Date: 16-Feb-2014

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

TIME: 2pm


ARTISTS: Leigh Hobba (TAS), Michael Schlitz (TAS), Mark Shorter (NSW).

CURATORS:  Jane Stewart & Bec Tudor (TMAG) and Kylie Johnson & Colin Langridge (Contemporary Art Tasmania).
Join the Acts of Exposure artists and curators for a public discussion of the curatorial themes and how these relate to the work presented.

Acts of Exposure aligns with contemporary Romanticism and the artistic tradition of the body in space. Leigh Hobba, Michael Schlitz and Mark Shorter each use the landscape as a stage to enact performative or narrative-driven works of art. Pushing physical and psychological limits, they locate themselves – virtually or actually within the external environment.

This event is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery and Contemporary Art Tasmania to promote contemporary artists.

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