A Mug’s Game – Vocation or Compulsion?
A Mug’s Game – Vocation or Compulsion?


Nadege Philippe-Janon

Rob O’Connor

Helen Hughes

Pat Brassington

Craig Judd

Jarrod Rawlins

Kylie Johnson

A Mug’s Game – Vocation or Compulsion?

Date: 09-Dec-2016

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania


Shotgun 6 – Public Program

The first in a series of events for the new Shotgun 6 program.



DATE: Friday 9 December 2016

TIME: 5.30pm


Shotgun is about feeding the intense emotional and intellectual commitment to making artwork. This not-so-simple activity is often diluted by paying homage to the Art World; from attending social events to support colleagues and peers, to the inexorable rounds of grant writing and the often ‘curly’ logistics of delivering an exhibition. A Mug’s Game – Vocation or Compulsion? will side-step the ubiquitous professional development forums and instead focus on those harder to quantify but perhaps more important aspects of what sustains artistic practice today.

Join Shotgun 6 artists Nadege Philippe-Janon and Rob O’ConnorShotgun 6 mentor Helen Hughes, the fantastic Pat Brassington and project coordinators Craig JuddJarrod Rawlins and Kylie Johnson in an informal round-table style conversation. We will talk about the rites of passage, rituals, relationships and those significant ‘moments’ that drive practice.

Shotgun is a partnership project between Detached, MONA and CAT.

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