1200cc Mary
1200cc Mary



1200cc Mary

Date: 17-Oct-2009 – 08-Nov-2009

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

1200cc Mary is a cross-media installation that explores the interconnected circularity of the psychosocial and cultural characteristics surrounding bodily change and gender fluidity that accompany pubescent transformation. Through an exploitation of the sanctity of naive faith, the naughty trio – the Holy Trinity – unfurl an hallucinatory fortification that seeds the ambiguously sexualised world of juvenile escapism. Their minor world-view, concentrated only through popular culture, psychosocial turmoil and rigid belief systems, brings about a disparate and explicitly disordered perspective.

By the shadow of the neon cross, three surveillant queers, and their shamanic sidekick pussies, stakeout an abandoned allotment in a suburban wasteland. Helmets off by Holy Trinity headquarters, the teens spend the nights scanning the perimeter for signs of enemy intruders. Search-lights penetrate the night sky, illuminating surrounding islands which hover with psychic manifestations in a trail of catholic guilt and irresponsible chaos…

This exhibition is an artist-initiated project by the Holy Trinity – a collaborative team comprised of the fictional alter egos of artists, Alicia KingMish Meijers and Tricky Walsh.

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