Hair – Chapter 2
Hair – Chapter 2





Hair – Chapter 2

Date: 14-Aug-2009 – 06-Sep-2009

Location: Contemporary Art Tasmania

Hair is the second in a trilogy of short, fantastical video works exploring transformation and the human form.

Focusing on our experience of our body and its creaturely nature, Hair investigates our hairy relationships with this highly charged and socially contradictory matter.

Placing the video’s subject into constant flux between young woman, mythical animal and hairball, this work is a playful homage to this ever-growing and occasionally untameable element of our being

The trilogy – Ch 1 TrianglesCh 2 Hair and Ch 3 Light inform and create the basis of ongoing site-specific and performance based developments where Scoglio projects site specific video onto her body, mimicking some of the transformations seen in the video.

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