Courtyard: Junko Go – We are all mad here
Courtyard: Junko Go – We are all mad here


Junko Go

We are all mad here

Courtyard Commission

Through painting, drawing and storytelling Junko Go depicts her personal philosophy and view of the world. Often working intuitively, the artist creates multi-layered colourful and whimsical scenes. For the CAT Courtyard, Junko has elaborated on Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland excites us with a vivid imagination and brings us a whole new world where childhood is forever and dreams are to become a reality.

Employing the absurdity of the plot, the peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures, and their riddle-like quotes and songs, I aim at creating the world of madness and posing an intellectual challenge to viewers by asking “how do you

know we are all mad here?”. The thought provoking remark by the Cheshire Cat “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from you” urges us to re-assess what madness really means. I particularly enjoy the liveliness and optimism drawn out of the spontaneity and the naivety, and the result, I think, creates a childlike wonderment and the whimsical humour, that is a celebration of wonderland in its manifestations.

– Junko Go

Junko Go left her native Japan for New York, where she studied drawing at Duchess Community College. In 1992 she migrated to Australia and in 2006 she recieved her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Tasmania. Junko has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Australia.

Junko Go lives in Launceston and is represented in Tasmania by Handmark Gallery.

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